Message from the President

Aiming to be a business group that leads the way in the conversion to flexible packaging in Asia

Founded in 1933, Craftz Co., Ltd. is a company with a history of 90 years that manufactures and sells flexible packaging. The Craftz Group has business operations in both Japan and Thailand, and is mainly involved in providing flexible packaging for use with food products, confectionery, pet food, pharmaceutical products, and other consumer products.

Within a domestic market, demand for flexible packaging has remained brisk thanks to the growth of the processed food market due to increased demand for one-person meals and for prepared foods that can be eaten at home. In Thailand, the flexible packaging market has even more growth potential than in Japan, partly due to the increase in the number of middle-class households and the growth in the number of families where both partners are working, changes which have accompanied Thailand’s economic growth, as well as because of increased demand for pouch-packaged foods and steady demand for pet foods.

Going forward, we will continue to promote the further growth of our business, attaching great importance to our founding spirit of honest simplicity and craftsmanship, and to our mission of creating product packaging materials of such high quality that they may seem to be handicrafts. Taking “Beyond Package” as our vision, and aiming to be a business group that leads the way in the conversion to flexible packaging in Asia, while continuing to be a company that constantly strives for substantial growth, we will also be working diligently to maintain the trust of all stakeholders by contributing to society through our business operations and by making a serious effort to implement measures that address economic, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues.

I sincerely ask for your continuous support for the Craftz Group.

Shigeki Yamamoto,
Representative Director & CEO