Stand Up Pouches

A stand-up pouch has a gusset in the bottom area.
Its ability to stand up on its own shows good presentation effectiveness to the cosumers on the shelf.

In-Mold Labels
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Special features

  • A stand-up pouch is a 3-side seal pouch with a gusset in the bottom area which, as the name suggests, can stand up on its own.
  • Once it has been filled with content, the pouch can stand erect, which makes it easier for consumers to understand the product information on the pouch.
  • Being able to display stand-up pouches erect enhances presentation effectiveness and helps to make the product stand out in the retail store.


  • By adding some allowance to the bottom area of the pouch, we can strengthen its ability to stand up on its own. This provides furthermore presentation effectiveness on the shelf.
  • We can provide fold-out stands for heavy-duty sack.

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